Baking Frenzy

Baking Frenzy on Thanksgiving

I wanted to shoot myself yesterday. Nothing – baking wise – was going the way I wanted and it was just terribly frustrating. After spending hours in the kitchen, you’d at least want the outcome to come out right, yeah?

Instead of the intended pumpkin cookies and red velvet cupcakes that I had planned to make two weeks in advanced, I scrapped the pumpkins last minute and decided to make apple tarts with creme anglaise.

I ended up having to walk to the grocery store just to get my ingredients for the apple tarts. It turns out that they didn’t even have fresh pumpkin at the I still planned on making sugar cookies instead of pumpkin (because I couldn’t even find a fresh pumpkin at the grocery) but I turned out that I didn’t have enough time. Just the creme anglaise took half an hour to make. Making custard is very, very tricky and I didn’t want it to curdle like last time!

Everything did come out delicious in the end after slaving a total of four hours baking… give or take half an hour? Except that I ended up making pink velvet cupcakes… My brother used up my food coloring and I ended up with a quarter of what the recipe required. Whatever. It still tasted amazing with the cream cheese frosting!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Hey I just stumbled across your site and its amazing! I love how your blog shows up on the Effle Tower note sheet like a note lol
    Very pro :)
    Keep up the great work!

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