Amortentia Review: Lord Braybrook’s Penniless Bride

Publication Date: June 1st 2009 by Harlequin

Summary: Miss Christiana Daventry will do whatever it takes to keep from being thrown out on the streets—even accept the insufferably attractive Lord Braybrook’s proposition!

Julian Trentham, Viscount Braybrook, urgently needs to hire a governess and companion, and Christy is conveniently available. Headstrong, with charmingly mismatched eyes and soft tawny hair, Christy is unlike any woman he has ever encountered. But there is something so deliciously endearing about her that Julian quickly forgets how scandalous it would be to give in to the mounting attraction for his penniless governess….

Heroine: It took me a while to figure out why this book was just meh. Then it hit me. I was really flustered by the main character. In the beginning of the novel, Julian kept repeating on just how feisty Christy was, but as the novel progressed, I couldn’t help but feel the complete opposite. Sure, she has a mouth on her, but I feel like she never really stands up for herself whenever Julian is involved.

Hero: As far as Julian goes, he’s nothing special for a male protagonist. I like that he’s quite close to this family – that’s always a plus, but I can’t think of anything particular that is striking about him.

Supporting Cast: I love Julian’s extremely large family. Davy was probably my favorite out of all the other siblings.

Plot: I do like governess-type stories, but I wasn’t a total fan of the ruse that led Christy to become a governess.

Romance: It was alright. Decent progression of the relationship with good tension. But not your epic romance. It’s nothing memorable.

Love Potion Strength:


I will probably still check out other novels by Rolls, but I won’t be expecting much from them. Her novels are a great quick read though – especially when I’m in the mood for a bit of romance.


  1. Aww, I actually liked this one better than the other story included in the compilation (which…IDK doesn’t say much for the other story? LOL) I’m a sucker for governesses what can I say!

    1. GAH. Then maybe I should stay away from the stories that were in the compilation. Haha. I do like servant type stories, but this might have been the first governess story that I’ve read.

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