Amortentia Review: Laird of the Mist

LAIRD OF THE MIST by Paula Quinn
Series: MacGregors, #1
Publication Date: December 1st 2007 by Forever

Summary: PROTECTING HER WAS HIS PASSION High-born though she is, Kate Campbell isn’t afraid to draw her sword. When raiders strike, she rushes into the fray…and is lucky when a mysterious Highlander shields her from a deadly blow. Swept onto his stallion, she soon discovers that her rescuer is her clan’s most hated enemy; Callum MacGregor, the man they call The Devil. Yet she cannot ignore his achingly tender touch or the way his fiery gaze leaves her breathless.

POSSESSING HER WOULD BE HIS PLEASURE Callum MacGregor has taken many Campbell lives, but he’s never saved one ;until now. Mesmerized by this spirited lass, he wants her by his side, even if it means holding her for ransom. As his fingers graze her sumptuous curves and tangle in her unruly tresses, Callum realizes Kate Campbell is his most dangerous foe of all. For he can’t make love to her without betraying his kinsmen and his honor…and surrendering his heart forever.

Heroine: Kate was a bit flat and boring for me. I couldn’t get myself to cheer for her.

Hero: Callum was an okay lead. He definitely had an interesting back story. I think what partially makes the romance unconvincing for me is the fact that he can will himself to fall in love with the granddaughter of his tortured past.

Supporting Cast: To be honest, I really enjoyed the supporting cast much more than the leads. This is kind of disappointing, but Maggie and Graham were much more fun to read about than boring Kate.

Plot: I usually love this kind of set up. Fair maiden gets kidnapped by the bad boy and they fall in love. But this one just wasn’t working for me. I liked the set up of the plot and the back story but I guess the romance just failed to make it all work as it usually does for me.

Romance: The biggest deal-breaker for me was the romance. I just didn’t feel it. I can definitely see Kate in lust with Callum, but to declare her love for him halfway through her book? I just didn’t see it happening. And because of this, the steamy scenes were not that steamy at all. Bummer.

Love Potion Strength:


I still can’t seem to find a Highlander romance that can even be comparable to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. My expectations are set high, but there has to be a Highlander romance out there that is more to my liking.


  1. There can only be one highlander so you’ll never find another good one, at least if the movies were correct. I have never read a steamy romance novel. I am too afraid of getting third degree burns on my hands. Shame though, the bodybuilder and Medieval Times waitress on the cover almost make it look promising. Better luck next highlander romance novel.

    1. Hahaha! I think it would take a really gutsy guy to pick up a steamy romance novel… Definitely recommend reading one on the e-reader so no one can tell what you’re really reading. :P

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