A Man Named Oscar


I have to say that last night’s Academy Awards was the best that I’ve ever seen. I don’t recall ever watching an Oscars that was so entertaining. Hugh Jackman was an incredible host. His opening act with Anne Hathaway was brilliant! Compared to previous years, the musical numbers were much more entertaining. I liked how they arranged them into medleys instead of having long numbers throughout the show.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture before the big event. I managed to see Milk, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, and the first half of Slumdog Millionaire. In fact, the only category in which I’ve seen all the nominated films was Best Editor. I really want to step it up next year… Before next year’s Awards, I want to see all the films under Best Picture and all the actor/actress categories.

Overall, I thought that Sean Penn was most deserving of the Best Actor award. I have to say that out of all the films nominated, Milk was my absolute favorite.

Phew. Now on a more personal note, my eating habits have gone down the drain. Just after I found out I slimmed down a bit, I went back to my disastrous eating habits. I ate so much tonight. It’s the heavenly pineapple pudding that got to me.

I’ll be better tomorrow… I hope. :P

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  1. I really liked the opening too. I never knew Ann Hathaway could ever hit a high note like that! WOW! that was impressive.

  2. Oh yay – there’s a text version of your blog! Is that new or have I just been missing it? *lol* I just adore the way you create your blogs but they’re often difficult to read so I thank you immensely for the text option. You are awesome. :)

    I’m not a big fan of awards shows so I passed on watching the Oscars again this year. I will admit that I did like the idea of Hugh Jackman dancing around and singing. *lol*

  3. I was working during the oscars and I no longer have dv-r so I missed it :( It’s okay thought because I missed a lot of the movies that were up for award.

  4. I’m don’t like award shows that much… I usually just check the internet for winners :))
    For the Oscars, I wasn’t able to see the entire show, I only got to the best actor & actress part…. I was too busy eating! haha.

  5. I pretty much lost interest in award shows. I sometimes go and find out who wins. I heard Benjamin Button was a good movie, and I was going to see it recently but haven’t gotten around to it. Hope you get outta the slums with your eating habits!

  6. I don’t watch the award shows anymore. I find them so boring. As for your good eating, taking a day or two a week to eat not so good food is fine. I don’t think it should have ruined all your hard work.

  7. I thought the musical numbers were pretty good too. I thought the beginning one was great with him acting out the movies and stuff. Unfortunately I had to leave in the middle so I didn’t get to see the big three categories.

  8. I didn’t watch the Oscar gala because I hadn’t seen many of the nominated movies anyway.

    I know how it goes with bad eating habits. I also get lazy whenever I loose a couple of pounds and end up going back to my bad habits.

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