2011 Reading Resolutions

I’m feeling a little frustrated with the books I’m reading lately and I decided to re-prioritize what I’m reading for the upcoming year.

  1. Read less books under the paranormal genre. There’s too much of them, and it’s rare that I find a gem. And if I do, I usually never enjoy the sequels. I took out most of the ones on my TBR with the exception of Sookie Stackhouse, Forever by Maggie Stiefvater, and a few others.
  2. Read more classics. Mostly because I want to read all those free downloads I have on my Nook and because there are some awesome ones that I did download.
  3. Read more YA historical fiction. There are bounds to be lots of good ones – not necessarily recent. I am determined to find a new favorite.
  4. Read older books. I find that I am reading a lot of recent titles lately. There are a lot of unloved books out there and I’m going to dig them up.
  5. Borrow from the library. I live two blocks away from a NYPL. Why haven’t I already borrowed a book from the library?


  1. It takes a lot to WOW me in the paranormal genre now-a-days, but there are a few out there. As far as older books, there are a ton of good ones out there. I recently read GIVING UP THE V (YA contempt title that’s a couple years old) and loved it. Makes you wonder how they pick which books to hype…

  2. Most recently, I really enjoyed Cate of the Lost Colony for YA historical fic. The beginning was a little slow, but as the book went on it got better and better.

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