2011: A Reading Year in Review

Blogging Stats

I wrote 109 reviews in 2011. My review of Blood Red Road by Moira Young stirred up the most discussion on the blog, followed by The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross.

I hosted a month long event, I Heart S&S Month, showcasing different Simon & Schuster books and highlighting different imprints in the children’s division.

I deleted GFC a few weeks ago, so I don’t know what my follower count stands as, but I’m okay with that. :)

GoodReads Challenge

This year, I planned to read one more book than I did last year. I am so incredibly proud that I managed to pull it off and read a total of 136. (Probably more but I haven’t counted the manuscripts I read over the summer…) It was a close call, and I just managed to finish my goal this afternoon!

Here’s a break down of the books I’ve read this past year, sorted by rating:

Blogging and Reading Goals

  • Worry less about numbers and focus more on improving; Easier said than done. I always look at my blogging statistics. In a way, it’s a motivator for me to work harder, but it also increases the stress of this “job”. I do want to improve my blog in 2012, specifically doing so by improving my SEO. I need to take even more advantage of what WordPress has to offer!
  • Keep up with my reading goals. I want to read 137 books in 2012. I will make it happen.
  • I want to write 100 reviews next year. I think that is a manageable number. It leaves me enough room for just simply pleasure reading.
  • I want to tackle more books from my bookshelf. I have over a hundred books I own and have not yet read. I need to clean out my bookshelf, but I can’t do that without reading first.
  • That being said, I need to stop being a book hoarder. I need to get rid of books on my shelf that I have no intention of reading ever again.
  • Continue to be a loyal patron of the NYPL. I think this goal is really easy especially when I’m at school. I don’t want to drag my entire library with me to school.
  • Easy up on the ARCs. I know requesting isn’t a problem for me. I rarely go out of my way to request an ARC for review. BEA is the problem. It’s just hard to resist.


  1. hehe i had no idea you deleted GFC! I always visit b/c you show up on my blogroll :) You read so many books, that’s amazing!! I love your blogging/reading goals, lots of my resolutions will be similar. Yay for an awesome year Cialina!!!

    1. Well I’m WordPress hosted so GFC won’t be available for me for long… I deleted it from the sidebar but I haven’t deleted my GFC account yet which is probably why it’s still popping up.

      I might as well just delete my account tonight, so make sure you switch over to RSS! :D

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