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Between Us and the MoonBETWEEN US AND THE MOON by Rebecca Maizel Book Review
Publication Date: June 30th 2015 by Harper Teen
Rating:  – Poor

Book Summary: Ever since Sarah was born, she’s lived in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Scarlett. But this summer on Cape Cod, she’s determined to finally grow up. Then she meets gorgeous college boy Andrew. He sees her as the girl she wants to be. A girl who’s older than she is. A girl like Scarlett.

Before she knows what’s happened, one little lie has transformed into something real. And by the end of August, she might have to choose between falling in love, and finding herself.

Fans of Jenny Han and Stephanie Perkins are destined to fall for this story about how life and love are impossible to predict.

Book Review Overview:

  • The protagonist seems really immature to me
  • Not a fan of the romance; it’s all based on lies!
  • A great audiobook listen; Luci Christian is a great narrator

Right before Sarah’s family leaves for their annual trip to Cape Cod, her boyfriend and childhood best friend breaks up with her. He says that Sarah spends too much time observing the world like a scientist and not enough time just living. Determined to prove him wrong, Sarah begins an experiment to be more like her older sister, Scarlett. Scarlett is flirty, fun, popular, and 18 years old—two years older than Sarah. When Sarah meets 19-year-old Andrew, she finds herself caught in a lie about her age and her school plans for the fall. The more time she spends with Andrew, the more she falls in love and the harder it becomes to come clean about the truth.

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Illusions of Fate by Kiersten WhiteILLUSIONS OF FATE by Kiersten White Book Review
Publication Date: September 9th 2014 by HarperTeen
Rating: – Exceeds Expectations |

Book Summary: “I did my best to keep you from crossing paths with this world. And I shall do my best to protect you now that you have.”

Jessamin has been an outcast since she moved from her island home of Melei to the dreary country of Albion. Everything changes when she meets Finn, a gorgeous, enigmatic young lord who introduces her to the secret world of Albion’s nobility, a world that has everything Jessamin doesn’t—power, money, status…and magic. But Finn has secrets of his own, dangerous secrets that the vicious Lord Downpike will do anything to possess. Unless Jessamin, armed only with her wits and her determination, can stop him.

Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White Book Review Overview:

  • World-building takes a while to develop but is worth the wait
  • Charming characters
  • One of the few standalones that I wish was either longer or was part of a series; companion novel please!!

Kiersten White’s Illusions of Fate is a great light historical fantasy – without it actually being set in the past. The time period of the novel is based on Edwardian England, but the novel takes place in the fictional nation of Albion. As a reader, I got all the best things of Edwardian England such as fancy dresses and galas and cute teacups, but I also got the great world that White created.

Jessamin leaves Melei, her island home, to pursue her studies at a boarding school in Albion. Jessamin struggles to survive in the foreign city and is subjected to discrimination because of her heritage. Jessamin juggles her schoolwork along with the chores at the hotel, where she works in exchange for room and board. But when she meets Finn, her whole life changes as she learns about the hidden magical world within Albion’s gentry.

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The Secret Sisterhood of HeartbreakersTHE SECRET SISTERHOOD OF HEARTBREAKERS by Lynn Weingarten Book Review
Series: The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers, #1
Publication Date: December 27th 2011 by HarperTeen
Rating:  – Poor

Book Summary: If there’s an upside to having your heart broken, it’s this: A broken heart makes you brave.

The first day of sophomore year doesn’t go the way Lucy planned. After a summer apart from her boyfriend, she’s ready to greet him with a special surprise and instead gets a shocking one in return: He’s breaking up with her. Beyond devastated, Lucy has no idea how she’s going to make it through homeroom, let alone the rest of her life.

Enter three stunning girls with the unnatural ability to attract boys and an offer Lucy can’t refuse: They can heal her heart in an instant. And then she’ll be one of them—a member of a sisterhood that is impervious to heartbreak and has access to magic distilled from the tears of brokenhearted boys. But to gain their power, Lucy must get a guy to fall in love with her the old-fashioned way, and then break his heart in the next seven days.

While the sisterhood may need another Heartbreaker, Lucy’s only desire is to get her ex back. But how far is she willing to go, and who is she willing to cross to get what she wants?

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten Book Review Overview:

  • Like/hate relationship with THE SECRET SISTERHOOD OF HEARTBREAKERS
  • Love the writing style, hate the premise
  • Not a book I would recommend to teens

THE SECRET SISTERHOOD OF HEARTBREAKERS by Lynn Weingarten requires readers to suspend their disbelief. The novel is contemporary sprinkled with a dash of magic.

I have a like/hate relationship with THE SECRET SISTERHOOD OF HEARTBREAKERS. I knew that coming in I would not like any of the characters. They’re cruel and insanely bitchy, but this is one of those books that I was willing to give the characters a chance to make it up to me. They didn’t.

Lucy, the protagonist, is a little naive and a little obsessed with her ex-boyfriend. The moment we are introduced to Alex, I knew that he is Bad News. The boy is clearly not in love with Lucy, but she doesn’t see that. He wasn’t worth all the effort, and it was clearly a lost cause. But Lucy is determined to win him back, so she turns a blind eye against his flaws for the majority of the book. Worst of all, she’s a terrible best friend to Tristan. While he is always there for her in the book, Lucy is quick to abandon him when Olivia and her friends take her in. Lucy doesn’t really feel remorse towards how badly she treated Tristan – disappointing because he was one of the very few likeable characters in the novel.

The mission of the Sisterhood is pretty vindictive and cruel. This book is basically teaching teenagers that boys are their playthings. They are there for you to flirt and date, but when you get tired of them, they are disposable. Um, what the hell? I’m sorry, but just because a boy breaks your heart, it does not mean that it gives you the right to break the heart of others for fun. Weingarten attempts to give her characters a conscience, but it fails hard. I don’t buy it at all that the characters have a bit of compassion in them.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed Weingarten’s writing style – so much that I ended up reading this book in one sitting. I think partially that this has to do with the fact that I wanted to know if the characters were going to disappoint me. I had to know, and I couldn’t put the book down. THE SECRET SISTERHOOD OF HEARTBREAKERS is a breezy read.

Despite being a quick and breezy read, THE SECRET SISTERHOOD OF HEARTBREAKERS by Lynn Weingarten is not the kind of book I would recommend. In fact, I am making quite sure that my younger cousins stay far away from this book. And to think that this is the first in a series… :(


About the Author

Lynn Weingarten is a writer of books, eater of snacks, and friend of dogs. Before she started writing full time, Lynn originated, developed and edited young adult and middle grade fiction properties for Alloy Entertainment, the production company behind Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries. Lynn grew up in New York state, spent nine years in New York City, and in currently living in Scotland with her husband.

Find the Author

Website | Twitter | GoodReads

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