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Margaret K. McElderry

What They Publish: Margaret K. McElderry is known for “literary author-driven fiction and non-fiction for the teen, middle-grade, picture book and poetry market. We specialize in high quality literary fantasy, contemporary and historical fiction, as well as character-driven picture books and poetry for all ages.” Visit site.

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Paula Wiseman Books

What They Publish: Picture books, novelty books, and novels that focus on “stories and art that are wholly childlike, centered in emotion, innovative, and timeless for children of all ages”. Visit site.

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2 Responses to “I Heart S&S: Imprint Spotlight – McElderry & Paula Wiseman”

  • Yahong says:

    Oh I ADORE Margaret K. McElderry books. Their middle-grade rocks my socks. :heart: I especially love P J Bracegirdle’s The Joy of Spooking series.

  • Audrey says:

    The Demon’s Lexicon series! I LOOVE that series, which means I pretty much love this imprint ;) cool spotlight!

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