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ONCE A COWBOY by Linda Warren
Publication Date: February 13th 2007 by Harlequin Books

Summary: Brodie Hayes is a former rodeo star, now a rancher–a cowboy, through and through. But when he finds out some shocking news about the circumstances of his birth, he begins to question his identity. Luckily, private investigator Alexandra Donovan is there to help him find the truth about who he is. Along the way, he discovers that even a man who thought he’d be alone for the rest of his life can fall in love.

For Brodie, love was something you did once–and for always. But is Alex the type of woman who can take on a stubborn man like him? Because there’s one thing about him that will never change, no matter what they find out about his past–once a cowboy, always a cowboy.

Heroine: I didn’t really find anything relatable with Alex. She wasn’t much fun to read to be honest.

Hero: I usually do not have a problem with the age of the love interest but for me, Brodie Hayes was a bit too old. Yeah he’s forty, and I guess that’s not really old. You can blame it on my young parents, but the fact that Brodie is older than my dad … ick. Not sexy.

Supporting Cast: Alex’s eccentric grandmother, Naddy, was quite memorable, but no one else stood out for me.

Plot: I couldn’t follow the premise of the novel. Infants switched at birth, and now Brodie Hayes finds out he’s not who he thinks he is … Adoption, kidnapping, death … I didn’t understand how the circumstances could have been romantic.

Romance: So many elements of this book just seemed so wrong to me. No matter how many times Alex tries to justify exactly how she falls in love with this cowboy, I’d have to side with her father Buck in this case. She should not have gotten involved with someone who was part of a case as a private investigator.

Love Potion Strength:


A bit disappointing for my first cowboy romance, but I did get this for free on my nook. I’m willing to try other cowboy novels in the future though, but I’m now hesitant about Harlequin American Romances.

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