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I guess if you’ve been following me on my twitter account you’ve had a glimpse of my internship life. I haven’t updated in a while so I decided to answer Romona’s question. I actually get this one a lot but I don’t remember if I’ve actually told the story on how exactly I got this internship at Big Publishing Company – a publisher some of you have already guessed, and if not: Simon & Schuster.

Romona asked:

It`s Romona from the YA fairy. & i was just wondering how did you go about getting your internship?

Way back in January during my really long winter break from school, I felt a bit productive. I was basically doing nothing every day for about a month so I felt inspired to look up some internships through BookJobs as well as the careers pages of publishers. I was planning on applying for a spring internship when I came across a listing for summer internships.

I sent in my cover letter and resume and filled out the application form online. I didn’t really expect to hear back from them since their website said that they mostly accepted juniors and seniors in college. At the time, I had only completed my first semester of college so I thought my chances were slim. It might have been in February or March that I received an email from Big Publishing Company that they wanted to interview me. I was a bit shocked. Me? Really?

When I submitted my resume, I had only done one internship since I did not know that I would have a spring internship at the time. I had no idea that one internship experience could count so much in my favor! I ended up going through a phone interview and then a face-to-face interview before I secured my position.

Eight weeks later, I am almost done with my third internship. This one has felt more official than the others because I am really in an office setting. I worked Monday – Friday, 9 to 5. I feel like I’ve been doing a bit less editorial stuff and more administrative jobs with this internship especially because I’m no longer reading slush. The materials I do get to read are going to be published. With this internship, I also have been doing more of the typical internly duties than my previous.

The Top 5 Things I Learned at Simon & Schuster

  1. Every (or just to be the safe side almost every) Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing book has their pub date somewhere on the book. Here are a few different examples: YA hardcover, YA paperback, and MG hardcover. I think the imprints are different as well. I don’t have an example of a picture book, but I can assure you that those have the pub dates as well. :)
  2. Everyone is addicted to the free books bookshelves. No matter how many times you pass by the shelf, you just have to take a peek.
  3. There’s only so much you can do to make the free coffee in the kitchens taste great. After that much experimentation, the other fellow interns and I are making our way to becoming great baristas.
  4. I know all my Dora and SpongeBob books. I guess one of the things that I’m walking away from this internship is the knowledge of the frontlist and backlist of Simon Spotlight and Little Simon – the two imprints I interned under. I read a lot of picture books.
  5. While the experience was great, this will most likely be the last unpaid internship I ever do. It felt like a job but it’s hard to feel proud of working so hard when there’s no reward of some sort. Yeah, yeah, experience but we’re talking about a whole summer here. The perks were great, but in the end I still spent a lot of money just to have this experience.

With that said, you probably won’t see Internly Insights for a while. I am officially taking a break for internship. Two semesters in a row has worn me out! I might try for a winter internship, but spring is probably more likely. But I can definitely say that I will have another internship next summer, but that one will be paid. :P

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I did it!!! Hooray!!! I survived my first week at a full time internship at Big Publishing House. I started Monday as Editorial Intern for two children’s imprints at Publishing House. Of course I was super nervous and jittery to start the new job and because of the fact that I was being thrust into a New Environment – which is totally scary. This is the path to Dream Job so I couldn’t mess up – especially on the first day. Eep.

Anyways, I survived. And the the six or so editors I am working with are fab: super friendly, helpful, and nice. This is my third internship so after the first day, I was pretty much comfortable with my environment. I definitely felt a lot less awkward. Sure, sometimes I still feel like there is this giant arrow pointing at me like, HEY LOOK SHE’S AN INTERN. SHE DOESN’T REALLY BELONG HERE!!! But everyone at the children’s department is full of smiles so I am not that intimidated anymore. :)

I should mention that despite the fact that I’ve been an editorial intern previously, the job is very different from my previous internships:

  • I have my own cubicle!!! — It has my name on it. Squee! I feel like a real Working Girl.
  • I actually have to dress in work clothes. Not so fantastic since I’m not getting paid and I had to get new clothes. Hmph.
  • Awesome perks like free coffee and soda!!
  • And the most obvious: it’s a 9 to 5:45, Monday to Thursday job with half days on Fridays for the summer

But also, the actual job and the tasks I perform are different:

  • Filing copyright information forms — info that will eventually get placed into the copyright pages of books
  • Lots of filing :/ never had to do that before!
  • Sending out book orders for the book closet or author/illustrator copies
  • Attending meetings such as brainstorming sessions or covers meetings (covers meetings are my favorite so far!)
  • Reading – that doesn’t change; but no more slush pile
  • Biggest change: I’m working in licensed and packaged fiction – so books based off cartoons and television shows and some books that were created in house by the editors

I’m not exactly working in my area of expertise, but my previous experiences has helped me a lot so far. My past internships have made me confident in my abilities. This may not be the exact field of children’s publishing that I want to work in, but I am learning a side of the industry that I haven’t been exposed to so far. Some days are more fun than others, but that’s Real Life so there’s nothing I can do about that. :P

Questions? Comments? I’ll address anything you’re wondering about internship-related things all at my next Internly Insights post!

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My internship at the Literary Agent is quickly winding down. I only have one assignment to go before I officially end. Since I am in the middle of finals week, for the first time since I started this internship, I really find myself racing against the clock.

Eden asked:

I have a question on how you manage a physical internship with school… I’ve seen several internships that are full-time position.

If you’ve been keeping track of my Internly posts, you may known already that my current internship is virtual. While I did have meetings a couple of times a month, most of my work is done online. So far, I had been able to manage my time to read material for internship by having a strict schedule. Since I am doing the work on my own time, I made sure to get up in the morning a little before nine so I had time to read manuscripts for maybe half an hour to an hour and a half before I had to head out to class. Since I have an e-reader, I was also able to read in between classes if needed.

But lately, I have been swamped with writing papers and attempting to study so juggling both internship and schoolwork had been harder than usual. Prioritizing really helps as well as keeping in mind of deadlines. In the end, I really just had to quit procrastinating to make sure I got all my work done.

That I am aware of, most internships throughout the school year are part time. Most publishing houses and literary agencies are aware the college students have classes and they are generally flexible of when you work and how many hours. A way to go about this is to schedule your classes so that you have a day or two or a couple of half-days where you can go in for your internship. I do work out my schedule so that I have at least a day free every week throughout the semester, just in case I end up acquiring an internship. It also helps to schedule your classes one right after the other either in the morning or afternoons so there could be a possibility of coming into the office for a couple of hours when you are free.

Full-time internships are mostly during the summer and a few are in the winter for a few weeks. Since I am not taking summer classes, I can focus solely on my internship five days a week without worrying about scheduling conflicts.


While my internship at the Literary Agency is almost coming to an end, I am happy to announce – if I haven’t already – that I have secured a full time internship in the summer at a Big Publishing House. I’ll be working at the Children’s Department staring in June! I can’t wait.

I hope to have a wrap up post for this current internship next week on the Things I Learned!
Questions? Comments? I’ll address anything you’re wondering about internship-related things all at my next Internly Insights post!

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